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March 26, 2024

Hello vikings!

March is nearing its end and we’re quite busy here at Iron Gate. Some of us were at GDC in San Francisco last week, and were even able to meet some of you! Unity had a booth where you could try out a bunch of games made with their engine and that included a Valheim setup – if you were there we hope you had a great time!

Otherwise we’re currently spending most of our time ironing out a lot of wrinkles. Just like any biome, the Ashlands will feature several new mechanics, new materials, building pieces and enemies, and it’s important to get all of that working smoothly. Right now we’re solving as many bugs and issues as we can in order to give you the best experience possible!

That being said, the Ashlands update really isn’t far away now, and in order to make sure you’re sufficiently prepared, we have put together this article for you, so that you know what to expect in terms of world generation, difficulty, and so on.

But as always, onto the teasers! You might have noticed that we’ve promised that the Ashlands update will feature over 50 new build pieces (there were just over 35 for the Mistlands update, for comparison), and today we’d like to show you a decorative window in the new wooden material which will be accessible in the biome. Here it’s built together with regular wooden walls and black marble pieces:

We also want to show you a new floor piece that will be featured in the Ashlands. Can we interest you in some diagonal boards?

Build pieces won’t be the only way to customise your home though – the Ashlands update will also feature vines that you can plant yourself and have grow onto your house! They will grow wherever they are able to, however, so make sure they don’t cover the door… 

Something people were wondering was whether the vines would only be vines, or whether there would be something to harvest from them. To that, we’d like to reply with this little picture:

Finally, in case you missed it, we have plushies in our merch store! There’s a lox and a neck, and a small troll head keychain. Aren’t they just the cutest? These are available for purchase right now, in case you need something to squeeze tight when the Ashlands update arrives…

Build of the Month

This month we’re highlighting this island base by DetailNew37. Look at all those details! If you want your creation to be featured in this section, use the hashtag #ValheimBotM on social media. If you post anywhere other than Twitter, please also send us a DM with a link to your post, to make sure that we see it. You can view previous builds in this thread on Steam.

Sharpen your axes!

/The Iron Gate team

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Artwork depicting troll in a forest setting