Development Blog: Skulls and Blood

February 21, 2024


We had quite a bit of a tumultuous end to January here at Iron Gate, with our Discord server unfortunately getting hacked. The server has been built back up again and we once more invite you to join us there, though we’re sad to say that most of the chat history is now gone due to the hackers deleting almost all of the channels. Still, so many of you reached out to us to offer your support and well-wishes, and it means a lot to us to have such a caring community. You’re the best!

But now on to the fun stuff: In case you’ve missed it, we are currently collaborating with Heroic Replicas! They have created some incredible Valheim replicas, both large and small, which you can now get your hands on. Check out their Kickstarter campaign, which is live for another couple of days. Book your items before February 26th while you have the chance!

The best part about the Kickstarter is that it’s run entirely by Heroic Replicas, so it hasn’t impacted the Ashlands development at all! We’d of course like to continue to give you some sneak peeks of what we’re working on, and for that we’d like to start off with the third and final Walk & Talk episode. We hope you’ve appreciated the series!

But of course we have some good old fashioned still images for you as well! The Ashlands is a hostile place, even for the creatures that live there. You’ll be able to stumble upon the corpses of some of them on your travels. Just be careful of whatever killed them in the first place

The skulls of the very same creatures can also be used to create this fancy-looking wreath, which is both decorative and useful. Can you guess what for?

We also want to give you a clearer view of something from the Walk & Talk episode. We go into a bit of detail about the weapon customisation you’ll be able to experiment with in the Ashlands, and how you’ll use gems to give special properties to your items. This sword, for example, is the same sword that we’ve already shown you a lightning version of, but this is what it will look like if you upgrade it with a bloodstone instead:

Build of the Month

Even though we’re yearning for spring, we couldn’t resist this dreamy winter castle by Chicken_Phobia. Well done! If you want your creation to be featured in this section, use the hashtag #ValheimBotM on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Due to changes in the tagging system on Facebook and Instagram, please also send us a DM with a link to your entry as well as using the hashtag if you post there! You can view previous builds in this thread on Steam.

Ready your swords!

/The Iron Gate team

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Artwork depicting troll in a forest setting