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June 19, 2024

Hello vikings!

It’s been a little while since the last blogpost, since we wanted all the focus to be on the Ashlands update, which was released for PTB in April and went live for everybody in May. If you’ve been playing it, we hope you’ve had a good time!

These past few weeks have also brought some other announcements, in case you’ve missed them. First of all, Valheim is now compatible with Mac! It’s something that people have been asking for pretty much since we released Valheim into Early Access, and now we’re finally happy to say that players can get their copy of Valheim from both the Steam store and the Mac App Store. Of course the Mac version supports full crossplay with other platforms.

And just as exciting is the announcement of our very own Valheim board game! Our friends at MOOD Publishing – who have also developed board games such as Deep Rock Galactic and Battle of Gods – have done an incredible job with this, and we really couldn’t have left the task in more capable hands. You can find out more about the board game by signing up to its Gamefound page, and there might even be something extra in it for you if you do…

We’ve also released more songs for the Valheim soundtrack! The tracks from the Mistlands and Ashlands updates are now available as a part of the original soundtrack, available right now on Steam, and soon on your streaming platform of choice.

Although the Ashlands update has been released, that doesn’t mean we’re quite finished with it. We’re still looking into bug reports and the feedback you’ve sent us, and in the near future we will be working on improving and polishing the biome into the best version it can be. Because of this, there aren’t really any sneak peeks we can show you this time around, but we promise to share stuff when we’re able! We liked the approach of being more transparent during the Ashlands update as compared to the Mistlands update, and we want to continue in a similar vein in the future as well.

Build of the Month

Since we didn’t have a blog post the past two months, we wanted to make sure to share two additional builds this time around. First out is a dark tower by GenesOnValheim, looking majestic!

We also want to highlight this temple by AstridSinjesdo, look at all of those new Ashwood and Grausten pieces being utilised!

And finally we want to show off this mansion that Versaugh1 has built, both creative and impressive! If you want your creation to be featured in this section, use the hashtag #ValheimBotM on social media. If you post anywhere other than Twitter, please also send us a DM with a link to your post, to make sure that we see it. You can view previous builds in this thread on Steam.

Fight well!

/The Iron Gate team

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