The Trial of Tyr

August 22, 2023

Please note that these rules have been updated as of August 25th. If you have submitted an entry before that, make sure that it complies with the new and updated rules. If it does not, you are of course welcome to submit a new run.

Vikings, the time has come to prove your worth to the gods once and for all. You’ve slain the mighty Eikthyr, you’ve bested the horrors that hide in the Swamps and you’ve taken Yagluth’s power as your own, but the Allfather has more in store for you.

There can be only one champion, one viking that is stronger, braver and faster than everyone else. Welcome to the Trial of Tyr, a competition that will pit the best among you against each other in a race against time.

To celebrate the upcoming Hildir’s Request update that will introduce difficulty levels to Valheim, we are announcing a hard mode solo deathless contest, challenging Vikings around the world to enter Valheim and defeat all bosses on hard mode solo, without dying and as fast as possible. The winner of this contest will dine in the halls of Valhalla with a custom-made engraved viking tankard that will bear the winner’s name and completion time. There are also three merch kits at stake for the first, second and third prize:

As with every contest, there are rules you will have to follow in order to participate, and have your run be considered for first place. These are as follows: 

  • The run must be made by a single player without dying, external help or the use of any dev commands. No mods or other kinds of third party software are allowed.

  • You are not allowed to exploit the game in any way. This includes the usage of bugs, glitches (for example, but not limited to: Clipping through objects, resetting status or even conditions by logging out, duping, and boss summoning exploits, etc.) and all other methods not intended by the developers which are used to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

  • You must play with the “Hard” preset in the world modifier settings.

  • You must stream and/or fully record your run. In order to pause the run (taking breaks are important!), players must toggle the pause screen, stop recording, then after the break, start recording and untoggle the pause screen. If the player needs to log out, the recording must restart as soon as the player presses play. Cuts in the recording may NOT be made during active playtime (when you’re able to freely move your character).

  • When submitting, please calculate your total run time and subtract any pauses. We will verify the run time when watching your submission.

  • You must play with a new character and a new world, on the official Trial of Tyr world seed: MX7L9GYcf2 (You are allowed to scout the seed in advance, but for the actual run you must make a new world). The run must be played on the current stable (default) branch of Valheim.

  • Re-mapping keys is allowed, but only within the confines of the game. Using secondary software to bypass this is not allowed. 

Your time starts the second your character lands in the start temple, and the run is considered finished when the player has defeated all of the Valheim bosses (Eikthyr, The Elder, Bonemass, Moder, Yagluth and The Queen) and mounted their heads at the Ancient Stone Circle. The winner of the competition is the player with the fastest completion time — players can submit multiple runs if they manage to beat their previous times.

Please upload your run and submit your entry according to this form, before Tuesday 19th September at 23:59 CEST / 14:59 PDT, to be considered for the competition. And should you want to show off your run, please make sure to use the hashtag #Trialoftyr on social media!

Terms & Conditions



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